Case studies

Before deciding to choose your brand rather than a competitor, any potential user of your goods or services will have appraised your brand (either consciously or sub-consciously) against the other options available to them. What’s more, we know that this appraisal will have taken place along five key dimensions which determine their overall opinion:

Effective marketing is about ensuring your brand ticks all these boxes for as many people in your target group as you can. That is the way to maximising sales, profits and satisfaction.

Our marketing effectiveness consultancy services help our clients to both understand how their brands are performing on each of these dimensions and to know how to improve any that are lagging behind the competition.

Outlined below are some case examples of how this has worked in practice for our clients and the benefits they have obtained. We hope you find them interesting and would be delighted to help you emulate their successes for your own brands sometime soon!

Our recent case studies

National Office Supplies Company

We began working together in 2009 and our first step was to use our AIME Tracker service to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s service in the eyes of the customer across the five key dimensions of relevancy, identification, accessibility, value & confidence. This identified a number of very practical steps the client could take to improve their sales performance, profit

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International Spirits Brand

RedRoute have extensive experience of brand management in the drinks industry covering all aspects of marketing effectiveness. We have also undertaken several studies providing econometric models on the impacts of pricing and taxation on overall consumption as well as sales of individual brands and categories. These were conducted to support industry-wide submissions to HM Treasury. Value Our mo

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Major International Airports

Our final examples are taken from our work for major international airports both in the UK and overseas where we help them increase their sales from their retail shopping operations. Confidence Airports pay for their operations by charging landing fees and earning income in other ways such as through renting space to retailers. One key aspect was to understand the links between satisfaction with

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